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Blulight celebrates the international talent with Aquadulcis

Born from an idea of our founding director William Nines, Blulight Pictures sponsors and supports the creative direction of the first edition of Aquadulcis, an international award part of the literary festival CartaCarbone (Treviso, September – October 2022).

Aquadulcis enhances the connection with the city of Treviso and interprets through water a homage to that lifeblood that pervades writers, actors, directors, photographers and artists. A recognition to those who have distinguished themselves for their ability, ingenuity, passion, commitment and expressed them in their works. Like water the voice of the city, pages, images, films, looks capable of ‘telling’ with peculiarity and uniqueness. Like water, motion and vitality that shapes and transforms everything enterprising souls and dynamic spirits capable of making a mark, value and change.

The award will be presented during the first press conference of the festival on Saturday 3 September in Treviso.

For years we have been witnessing the greatest revolution of our time: the digital revolution. New languages, especially among the young and new generations, are spreading in the field of communication and this evolutionary situation is laying the foundations for the establishment of a new entertainment culture. 

In recent years, the world of cinema has also undergone a real transformation at the level of creative production, and new technologies have become an increasingly powerful part of it. It is therefore becoming commonplace to hear talk of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the film industry as well.

By these means, cinema becomes more and more a ‘lived’ experience and the storytelling part takes on an increasingly important role. Storytelling is crucial for structuring a truly engaging story. 


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